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Laminate Flooring Advantages

Laminate flooring has become popular in the last decade because it is a cheaper alternative to real hardwood flooring. Nowadays, different designs have been created to mimic all types of flooring including ceramic and stone tiles. With improvements in texture and imaging, you could mistake a laminate floor for a wood floor!

Laminate Flooring is a synthetic floor covering that is designed to resemble wood flooring or ceramic tiles. It involves fitting a plank that is made up of various synthetic layers on the floor. The surface layer is made of water-resistant material to avoid damage from the occasional spill and some newer styles offer warranties against water damage from standing water.

Some benefits of Choosing Laminate Flooring Include:

  • Cost: Real hardwood flooring, as well as ceramic and stone tiles, are expensive to install. Laminate flooring allows you to have a similar floor surface at a lower price.
  • Durability: Laminate floors are strong and durable due to the aluminum oxide that is built in the surface layer to add protection. There are also moisture guards in the locking system that makes the laminate floor water resistant for occasional spills and standing water. Laminate floors are perfect for busy areas.
  • Easy to maintain: Laminate flooring is a low maintenance type of flooring that requires only regular sweeping to remove dust and dirt. It is much easier to maintain compared to ceramic and stone tiled floors.
  • Does not fade in sunlight: Some wood species and natural stone products progressively fade when exposed to sunlight. However, laminate floors do not fade in the presence of sunlight so there is no fear of changes in color under large area rugs in brightly lit rooms.
  • Hygienic type of flooring: Laminate flooring is easy to clean and does not allow the build-up of dust and dirt. This type of flooring may be the best for you if you are suffering from allergies.
  • Ideal for households with pets: Laminate flooring has a built-in scratch guard that protects your floor from pet scratches.
  • Variety of colors and patterns to choose from: Laminate floors use photographs of real-life woods, stones and ceramic tiles that are imprinted into synthetic materials to form a floor surface with similar visual characteristics. These pictures can also be manipulated within the computer to create special effects and colors that you want.
  • Wide range of plank sizes: Laminate flooring is available in different plank sizes. You can easily find the plank size that fits your floor perfectly. If door clearance is a concern, a thinner laminate may be a good choice to avoid trimming doors.

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