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About Laminate Floors

If you wish to have a unique floor which lasts longer and is attractive, laminate flooring is a good choice. Considering that the floor materials are compacted together under high pressure, they are dent-resistant making them a perfect option in high traffic areas where high-heeled shoes or chairs legs would damage other flooring. Markedly, these floors come in a wide range of colors and patterns. Below is everything you need to know about laminate flooring.

What are Laminate Floors?
Laminate flooring is made by pressing plastic resins and thin layers of flat paper together. After that, the upper layer is printed with a decorative color or pattern. They are then installed in your home or business giving it a quality appearance at a considerably low price.

Features of Laminate Floors
Registered and Embossed: The addition of registered and embossed surfaces has made modern laminates look more like real wood. Instead of random markings or smooth finishes, this added texture matches the printed image of the grain and markings of actual wood.
Beveled Edges: Original laminate floors often had patterns of two or three strips of wood across a single plank. In modern laminates the image is the same width as the plank and beveled edges help differentiate between boards. This is another advance that makes laminate look more realistic in natural light.
Longer Board Length: Since the trends in wood flooring are for longer and wider boards, laminate styles have followed suit. Longer and wider planks look best in today’s open floor plans and larger rooms.
Image Variety: One important thing to consider in selecting laminate is the variety of images within a carton of flooring. The more images the better to avoid the same knot-hole or characteristic repeated many times across your room.

Colors and Patterns
There are a wide variety of colors and patterns to choose from. Additionally, you can also opt to go for customized prints or finishes that look like wood, colored concrete, fossilized stone, and more.

Even though laminate floors come in a wide range of finishes, the most used are matte and textured to resemble real wood.

Laminate is available in planks of different sizes depending on the manufacturer. The most common size is 8 inches by 4 feet, but they are also available in wider and longer sizes.

ABC Flooring Center offers a wide variety of styles and choices of laminate flooring. Visit our Products page, give us a call, come on in—we look forward to working with you.


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