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The type of flooring you choose adds personality and character to any room. There are numerous types to choose from, one of which is carpet. And if you do choose carpet, the next step is deciding on the type of carpet.

Carpet Types

There are six basic types of carpet. Depending on the room and how it is used, there are features and qualities to consider as you make a choice:

  • Saxony: This type of carpet is commonly called “plush” and gives a more elegant and formal look. The smooth feel and even surface of the carpet is a good option in master bedrooms, formal living rooms, or dining rooms. It should be noted that Saxony does show vacuum marks and footprints.
  • Textured: This casual carpet type is a great choice for active families where there is a great volume of foot traffic. As the name implies there is a texture to this carpet with a two-tone appearance that is made by alternating twists of yarn.
  • Frieze: Each yarn strand in this style is twisted very tight which results in a more casual surface and deep texture. Frieze carpet is very durable and has long wear-ability.
  • Cable/Shag: Constructed of thicker and longer yarn, this is a very comfortable type of carpet. However, it can matte and crush. It is usually used in rooms where there is not a lot of foot traffic.
  • Cut & Loop: This patterned carpet type is produced using a combination of cut and looped yarns. This is a popular carpet and is available in a multitude of patterns. This carpet type also does a good job hiding stains.
  • Looped: This very durable carpet type is constructed either at even heights which produces a softer smoother feel, or at uneven heights which creates various patterns. Often referred to as “Berber” this carpet type works well where there is a lot of activity. One caution about berber carpet is that if a loop is pulled it can continue to pull a row like snagging a sweater. Combining cut and loop avoids this concern.

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